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Our 10% CBD Oil

Before I started taking 10% CBD Oil by GHC for Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis I had extreme pain permanently, could barely walk, had limited movements in my arms, legs and torso, extreme fatigue, low mood. With Fibromyalgia you have flare ups which include burning of the skin, extreme pain in the entire body and knock-out fatigue where you have no choice but to go to bed that would last up to 8 days at a time. Painkillers prescribed by the doctor did very little for the pain and have tried multiple painkillers with little to no results.

After 6 months of taking the 10 % CBD Oil by GHC I still have those symptoms, but they are not as extreme, and the flare ups are not as frequent but when they do arrive, they will now only last up to 2 days’ maximum. I do walk better, have more movement in my arms, legs and torso with less pain. The fatigue is now at a minimum, my mood is a lot better, and I don't take any pain medication.

I would like to say that none of this happened overnight and has been a long process to get to where I am today, but it was worth it.

Colin from West Yorkshire August 2022

Our 10% CBD Oil

At the age of 14 I was prescribed Beta blockers following diagnosis of Essential Tremor - a neurological trait which causes the hands and neck to shake, often mistaken for Parkinson's which is evident at rest Essential Tremor is present during actions such as writing, holding a drink - general hand movements, at the age of 23 I realised that my prescription of beta blockers was not a sensible long term solution so I stopped then I recognised that certain triggers would effect the tremor and which ones to reduce or avoid such as caffeine, adrenaline, anxiety.  I had heard about how Cannabis was been used by sufferers of Parkinson's Disease and this has a significant effect reducing several of the symptoms including the tremor, whist cannabis use was not a sensible solution for me I was intrigued but very much skeptical - I was given a sample of the GHC 20% Oil and took it at a time when I was under stress and the tremor very evident - within 30 minutes I was feeling calmer, my tremor had calmed and I felt quite relaxed - I thought this might be the  placebo effect however I noticed I had not felt the same for over 35 years, it felt quite surreal. I have introduced friends and family with stress or anxiety issues who have had similar experiences.


I am now a firm believer in the benefits of CBD and take as and when i feel the symptoms building and look forward to the day that more clinical insight can be gained through clinical trials - in the mean time.


Neil from Cheshire May 2023

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